Create your first experience at Codly

Learn how to craft your first experience with Codly: name it and choose your start URL. No coding required.

In Codly's context, an experience is a curated product flow that you modify or enhance to improve your product or create new features on your website or digital product. It's crafted to quickly and efficiently deliver value to your company and customer, leveraging Codly's capabilities to make these interactions as engaging and seamless as possible, all without requiring any coding.

So, let's create your first experience:

1 - Accessing Experience Creator - Go to Codly's Experience Page ( by clicking the link. Ensure you're logged into your account.

Experience Page Codly

2 - Creating a New Experience - Click on "Create Experience." This button initiates the creation process.

3 - Naming Your Experience - Enter a descriptive name for your experience. This helps in identifying and managing it later. Exemple: Change Main CTA to "Experiment now"

Selecting the Starting URL - Choose the URL where you want to start editing or creating the experience. The URL set by default is your company domain, but you can change it to any other URL, subdomain or not.

Create your product without a line of code.