How to Change Texts in Your Product Using Codly

Learn how to effortlessly modify texts in your product with Codly. Follow these steps enhance user experience without code.

Are you a Product Manager or a Product Designer looking for a hassle-free way to tweak texts in your digital product? Look no further! With Codly, you can effortlessly make adjustments to your product's text elements, ensuring they align perfectly with your vision. In this guide, we'll walk you through the simple steps to master text editing using Codly.

Creating a New Experience

First things first, log in to your Codly account and create a new experience for your project. This experience will serve as your workspace where you can make all the necessary modifications to your product.

Creating Experiences at Codly

Entering Edit Mode

Once you've created your experience, enter the editing flow by selecting the project you want to work on. Codly's intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate through your project and locate the elements you wish to edit.

Entering Codly's edit mode

Selecting the Element

Identify the text element you want to modify within your project. With Codly's visual editor, simply click on the text you wish to change, and it will be highlighted for editing.

Selecting a element in Codly's edit mode

Typing the New Text

Now comes the fun part! With the text element selected, start typing the new text directly into the editing interface. Whether it's a simple typo fix or a complete overhaul of your product's messaging, Codly empowers you to make changes swiftly and seamlessly.

Typing new text in Codly's edit mode

Clicking Done Editing

Once you're satisfied with the new text, click on the "Done Editing" button to finalize your changes. This action signals to Codly that you've completed your modifications and are ready to proceed.

Click in Done Editing on Codly's edit mode

Saving and Closing

Before moving on, ensure you save your progress by clicking on the "Save and Close" button. This step is crucial to preserve your changes and avoid any potential loss of data.

Save your changes

Publishing Your Experience

Congratulations! You've successfully updated the text in your product using Codly. To make your changes live, simply publish your experience, and watch as your product reflects the updated text across all relevant pages.

With Codly's user-friendly interface and powerful editing capabilities, text modifications have never been easier. Empower yourself to iterate quickly, experiment with different messaging, and deliver a seamless user experience for your audience.

Ready to revolutionize the way you edit texts in your product? Sign up for Codly today and experience the future of no-code editing firsthand!

Remember, with Codly, the power to shape your product's narrative lies at your fingertips. Happy editing!

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